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New CW Data Centre Location Revealed -- Pennsylvania!

Big News.

Shawn White has been sentenced to 18 months in a Federal Prison.


This site was established when we began having outages with one of our underlying providers. We were able to register the domain name, build the site and have DNS propagate so that the site was online before the provider had fixed our problem. That provider was the defunct CyberWings.

Note that (like other Cyberwings victims) we are busy making changes to the code that drives all of our websites.

Our recovery has been slow because we had a series of coincidental problems that left us with the decision to perform a tremendous amount of work restoring low traffic sites to an aging codebase or to down the sites while we built a new codebase. Since a new codebase was required anyway, we decided to take the hit and down the sites. It has been a painful recovery that has been pure hell.